Saturday, 11 May 2013

Malai kofta

Malai kofta is a very popular Indian dish made with cottage cheese(Paneer) stuffed with nuts and raisins in a rich creamy sauce,best served with steamed rice or flavored rice. Though I am a non-vegeterian still nine times out of ten I will prefer to have this dish over any non-veg dish. I have tasted many other versions of Malai Kofta earlier but most of the time they did not live up to expectation till the time I came across Chef Harpal Singh's recipe. The recipe I am sharing is inspired by Chef's recipe with few changes of mine.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Rasmalai (Rashomalai)

We just completed our second marriage anniversary in April ,on this occasion we invited few friends to our house last week for a small get together. Was a very enjoyable night and all of us had lots of fun. Since a Bengali feast is incomplete without the touch of a sweet dish in the end, I planned to prepare rasmalai for dessert.
Rasmalai is another Bengali dessert made with soft cottage cheese(paneer/chhena) balls immersed in creamy milk which is then served chilled. The beauty of the dish is that it just melts in your mouth and the sweetness of the cream complements the soft and spongy rasgullas extremely well.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Rasgulla - Rashogolla

Rasgulla or Roshogolla however you want to call it... Rasgullas are always a favorite dessert among Bengalis and is also very popular throughout India and other parts of South Asia. Since childhood I always brought rasgullas from my nearest sweet shop,never ever thought I would ever prepare it at home and it will turn out so good. It was only after moving out of India and non availability of good rasgullas in local Indian restaurants (or canned ones in some Indian grocery stores) made me take a shot at preparing them at home for the first time.To be precise Rasgullas are made from ball shaped cottage cheese dumplings cooked in light sugar syrup.Just follow the the below mentioned steps rasgullas will really come out well.Believe me preparing rasgullas are not at all difficult.