Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Sada Dosa (Plain Dosa)

 South Indian cuisine is an all-time favorite for me, from childhood I have been a fan of the taste and variety of classics that South Indian cuisine has to offer. The ubiquitous Dosa,Vada,Idli,Appam,Uthapam,Sambar, Rasam being the dishes that we can find all over the country and give us the refreshing flavor punch we crave from this cuisine. 
In Calcutta there are number of "South Indian" restaurants and I was always happy to visit those, but never tried my hands in preparing these dishes before. Being a Bong and preparing Dosa at home was an achievement for me :) 
Before you are tempted to prepare dosa at home  give yourself a prep break of a day. There are number of varieties of Dosa but to begin with I have tried the recipe for Sada (Plain) Dosa as mentioned below.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Simply Orange Cake

A big Hiiiiiiii to everyone... Resuming after a long refreshing India visit. I do have couple of recipes in store and will share soon :)
Today I prepared the delicious and juicy ORANGE CAKE. Sometime last year while having a Sunday Brunch at Theobroma in Mumbai, I had stumbled upon a mouth watering piece of orange cake, which I crave till date. So it inspired me to try and have a go at this recipe. The piece of cake should be super soft and melt in your mouth instantly "just Yuuumm", though the best feature, I feel, is the strong citric aroma, so one smell will drive you to have a bite instantly. It is not very difficult to prepare, just needs eye on details.